LOOK: Solenn Heussaff Finally Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Solenn Heussaff may already be halfway through her pregnancy but there is still a little disbelief on the public’s part because she certainly doesn’t look it. At least, not in her everyday attire where even the slightest show of a baby bump is hidden. But, Solenn actually recently took to Instagram to show off her baby bump on two separate occasions!

The first time happened a couple of weeks ago when she shared her workout routine on her Instagram stories. Aside from enumerating the different forms of exercise she continues to do (with her doctor’s permission, of course!), she also snapped a side view of her baby bump.

(LOOK: Solenn Heussaff Continues Working Out While Pregnant)

Just the other day, Solenn posted an updated photo of her baby bump on Instagram stories once more. Solenn captioned it: “She’s starting to come out alright.” Though the bump may still be relatively small, it’s definitely there!

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This isn’t the first time that Solenn has gotten candid about her pregnancy. The news that the much-awaited #BabyBolz is a girl was revealed only a few days ago on Instagram. She even shared the story of how she first learned she was pregnant! In all, it looks like this is going to be a pretty public pregnancy with all of us along for the ride.

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