LOOK: So This is How Star Wars’ BB-8 Really Works

Are you still on a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens high? We completely understand because it was one of the most awesome pop culture phenomena for years, both for geeks and new fans.

One of the best things about The Force Awakens was BB-8, a robot character that rolls around, carrying a secret that is integral to finding Luke Skywalker. He’s also a cute little thing with a sense of humor. According to TIME magazine, “Some Star Wars fans have already tattooed likenesses of the droid on various parts of their body, and the movie isn’t even out until December.”

But we wonder, how does it work? There’s a website called How Does BB-8 Work? that includes elaborate details, but it turns out it’s very simple: it’s a cat in a ball. Well, at least that’s what this photo in Imgur says.

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LOOK So This is How Star Wars' BB-8 Really Works

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