LOOK: So… Kanye West Just Peed on his GRAMMY Award to Make A ‘Statement’

In the latest news on American rapper Kanye West, he just aired out his frustrations about the prevailing issues of the music industry online in the regrettably most “Kanye West” way possible… peeing on a GRAMMY Award.

kanye west grammy award

The rapper took to Twitter to criticize the music industry for not giving him full ownership of his master recordings.

We’ve gotten comfortable with not having what we deserve … they allow us to have a little money from touring get some gold chains some alcohol some girls and fake numbers that feed our egos … but we don’t own our masters,” he began. “I am the only person who can speak on this because I made multi billions outside of music no musicians make billions inside of music. I’m going to change this.”

In the middle of his full-blown rant, he posted scanned copies of his contracts with Universal Records to accuse them of not disclosing to him how much his masters cost.

“90% of the record contracts on the planet are still on a royalty A standard record deal is a trap to NEVER have you recoup, and there’s all these hidden costs like the “distribution fees” many labels put in their contracts to make even more money off our work without even trying,” he added.

And to really show how he isn’t going to stop voicing his concern, he took a video of himself urinating on a GRAMMY award in the toilet.

All we could say about it is… wow.

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