LOOK: Seoul Subway Decked With BTS Design to Celebrate Jin and V’s Birthday

The BTS fandom known as ARMY gathered together to show their devotion to the group as they organized an event to celebrate Jin and V’s birthdays on December 4 and December 30 respectively, as well as celebrating the upcoming New Year.

BTS fans shared photos of a subway car in Seoul Subway all covered in pink:

ARMYs whose IDs are shown in the image below had the car prepared in a cute pink theme.

Image Source: Koogle.tv

The graphics were created in honor of BTS latest album “Love Yourself:Answer”. If you happen to go to Seoul soon, make sure to check it out in Seoul Subway Line 2 (also known as the green line that makes a complete loop around Seoul). The car will be on display from December 3, 2018 to January 3, 2019.

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Don’t you want to go visit Seoul right now? Happy birthday to Jin and V, and Happy New Year to BTS and ARMY! <3


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