LOOK: Scarlet Snow is Officially a Style Icon!

Social Media darling Scarlet Snow is now an official style icon as she was launched as Meet My Feet’s newest ambassador.

With her cute style, quirky charm, and loveable personality, it’s no wonder this four-year-old Instagram star is adored by millions, moms and millennials alike. And now her followers await her next adventures with Meet My Feet!

“If there’s one word to describe Scarlet, it would be “loveable”,” begins Chauntia Chan Ang, Executive Vice President of Meet My Feet. “She’s always ready to explore, learn, enjoy and make the most of her every day experiences—and we love to show moms and kids that they can also take their Meet My Feet shoes on similar adventures!” she adds.

For its versatility, style, and comfort, Meet My Feet is a brand that’s easy to love, too. The kids get excited over the range of styles they can choose from, which they can wear from the playground to school; while parents have come to love the brand for its great quality and reasonable price points.

Meet My Feet, after all, is a brand that’s founded on love—especially one of a parent’s. “It all started from the love of shoes that my dad and I share,” reveals Ang. “When I was a kid, my dad would always buy me different kinds of shoes when he travels—from sandals to dress shoes to school shoes, as well as boots, even if it was always too hot to wear them in Manila!” she adds with a laugh. Ang’s collection of different shoe styles as a child inspired her to build Meet My Feet in the Philippines, wanting every kid to find their shoe match at the store, too.

Since its launch in 2013 to this day, Meet My Feet has offered a complete selection of shoe styles in a range of sizes for toddlers to pre-teens. “All our shoes are made with love—we use only the best materials to ensure that these are comfortable, well-made, and remain affordable for parents,” says Ang. “Style is an important factor, too, especially as kids now are more discerning and fashion-conscious!”

And no other child can better espouse this than Scarlet Snow. “When we decided to work together with an ambassador, Scarlet was really our first and only choice. She already has her own sense of style at such a young age and her loveable personality really embodies what the brand stands for,” reveals Ang. True enough, at the ambassador launch event, Scarlet invited her friends and their parents herself so that they could come and meet her—and her footwear brand of choice, Meet My Feet! She gamely talked about her favorite Meet My Feet pairs, her experiences wearing the shoes, and showed them around the different play areas they can explore and take photos in, wearing their Meet My Feet shoes.

As parents Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr. have always made sure that Scarlet’s needs are well- provided for—never scrimping on quality, style, and comfort, it’s no surprise that the four-year-old Instagram star has grown up knowing what she wants. Scarlet chooses Meet My Feet because it has all the stylish options for every activity—be it in the garden, at the beach, at the park, or in school.

Stylish little girls can choose from a wide selection of ballet flats, sandals, sneakers, school shoes, and other seasonal stylish pairs; while the boys can pick from Meet My Feet’s collection of oxfords, loafers, sandals, sneakers, school shoes, and boots.

“In the same way my dad was to me, I know now as a parent myself that feeling of wanting only the best for your kid—I think it’s every parent’s love language!” says Ang. “And I hope they get to pass on that love onto their children with Meet My Feet shoes.”

Meet My Feet has 32 branches nationwide. Visit fb.com/meetmyfeetkids/ for more info.

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