LOOK: Scarlet Snow Gets Her Own Cute App!

You might know Scarlet Snow as the adorable child of Dr. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho. While her parents are quite famous in the local entertainment industry, she has become a celebrity on her own as well!

Scarlet Snow already has quite the following on social media, with more than a million followers on Instagram! That’s right, this 2-year-old cutie possibly has more followers than you.

But that’s not all that she has. Scarlet Snow also has her own app!

She gave a sneak peek of the game through a video on Instagram:

The Hello Scarlet Snow! app is a super cute educational game that’s probably targetted for kids but will also be enjoyable for people just wanting to chillax and play easy games. It even has Scarlet’s trademark upside-down crowns!

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It’s currently available on Android phones only, but we’ll watch out for the ios version because it looks super cute to play!

Well, there you have it. A 2-year-old has her own app while we’re still figuring out what to eat for our next meal. But hey, we’re happy for you, Scarlet!

Have you tried out the Hello Scarlet Snow! app? How was it? Share it with us!

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