LOOK: Roller Skate Stilettos Now Exist!

While a lot of women hate stilettos because they aren’t always comfortable, women like me (who have a higher pain tolerance and a love for all things beautiful – damn the pain!) simply adore them. I once had such a crazy obsession with stilettos, I’d buy at least two pairs a month.

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Of course, being a mom now, I’ve become smarter and more practical; but some unique stilettos were recently released by Saint Laurent and I can’t take my eyes off them! Coz, well, I mean… just look at them!

Roller Skate Stilettos 3

Yes, those are wheels!!!Roller Skate Stilettos 2

Yes, they are roller skates!!!Roller Skate Stilettos 1

Roller skate stilettos, ladies!!!

That’s right. They’re stilettos… on roller skates! I’m not exactly sure whether they’re meant to help you get to places faster or just be a form of fashion, but I’m definitely intrigued as to how hard it would be to actually wear them and get to places in them. If anyone knows where I can find these, I would love to check them out!!! (I’ll only be checking them out, though, because they are said to cost $2,600 a pair!)