LOOK: Rescues and Home Cats Were Served a Fancy Feast at this Special Tea Purr-ty

Words by Patricia Yap

Whether you’re a cat-owner, a dog-owner, or any kind of animal lover, there’s one thing animal lovers share—an unconditional love for their fur babies! 

In an event hosted by PURINA at Enderun Atrium, cat mommies and daddies, together with cat communities Cats of Manila, Cats of BGC, Pusang Pinoy, Feline Council of the Philippines, and Manila Cat Fanciers, all gathered for an afternoon tea purr-ty with their beloved felines. 

We asked cat parents at the event how they show their love to their pets, and many of them agree that the way to a pet’s heart is also through their stomachs. Just as humans come together over food, meal time can also be a good bonding time for pet parents and their fur babies.

Cat parents always make sure to give the best to their feline family members. During the tea purr-ty, not only were the cats treated like royalty, they were also served with the fanciest meals — PURINA’s Fancy Feast Premium Cat Food!

Enjoying their very own buffet table, the VIPs of the event (the cats, of course) got to choose from 12 different flavors with 6 kinds of texture of PURINA’s Fancy Feast.

The cats got to try the following textures: Classic (in flavors Cod Sole and Shrimp Feast, Savory Salmon Feast, Seafood Feast, Tender Liver and Chicken Feast), Grilled (in flavors Tuna Feast in Gravy, Salmon and Shrimp Feast in Gravy, Chicken Feast in Gravy), Flaked (in flavors Tender Liver and Chicken Feast and Salmon and Ocean Whitefish Feast), Roasted (in Turkey Feast flavor), and Sliced (in Beef Feast in Gravy flavor).

PURINA’s Marketing Manager, Bridget Lao, best described the purpose behind this gathering: “When it comes to taking care of a cat, love is in the details […] We believe that showing your love for your cat can be as simple as giving them a treat with premium ingredients, luxurious flavors, and various textures.” 

Owners and cats alike got VIP treatment and even had the opportunity to walk the red carpet while striking memorable poses! Our VIP guests enjoyed mingling with other cats and their owners in the courtyard, lounge, and play areas situated at the venue.

In cat “meowmy” @iamkittpurry’s post, she shared her first red carpet experience with her cat Kitty Purry. In another post by cat mommy @trishdenise, she shared how her baby Sally loved staying in the venue’s cat condo and eating the Classic Savory Salmon Feast.

Even the adorably grumpy-looking cat such as @frankieangelou’s blue-eyed Charlie was made happy through the event, enjoying a Fancy Feast meal with his cat mommy. 

Happy with the extra special treatment their rescues felt that day, Cats of Manila also shared how glad they were to have made their cats feel even more loved through the event’s wonderful food, presentation, and service—certainly a day made memorable for all the cats that afternoon!

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, showing love to our pets should never be something that’s compromised. After all, providing our cats with the special treatment they deserve is now as easy as opening a delicious can of high-quality and delicious cat food like PURINA’s Fancy Feast.

You can find out more about PURINA’s Fancy Feast cat food at www.facebook.com/nestlepurina.ph or purchase from Lazada Philippines.

You can also purchase their monthly subscriptions for hassle-free delivery at https://subscriptions.goodfood.ph/brands/purina.

How about you? How do you show your love to your cats?

PURINA Fancy Feast

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Lazada: www.lazada.com.ph/shop/purina/
Shopee: https://shopee.ph/purinaofficialstore
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