Look: Rescued Dog Now Pursuing a Modeling Career

A year ago, a lady who had been feeding a stray dog in Manila decided to bring that dog for spaying at the CARA Clinic in Mandaluyong. To the surprise of the staff, the dog was pregnant and about to give birth!

That night, she gave birth to three bouncing puppies. Here is mom, named Buffy, with her three babies.

Buffy Yoshi Chester Freckles - CARA rescued dogs Philippines

Meet dignified Yoshi.

Yoshi - CARA rescued dog Philippines

And mischievous Freckles.

Freckles - CARA rescued dogs Philippines

And, finally, the artistahing Chester.

CARA Welfare Philippines - rescued dog Chester

Mom and puppies were all adopted into a loving home last year.

Check out the photo of Chester–all grown up! He has decided to pursue a career in modeling and of course, his furparents are extremely supportive of his decision. A big retail brand in the Philippines has just selected him to represent their latest line of stylish accessories.

Let us wish Chester all the best in his chosen career!

To adopt your own furbaby, go to https://animals.caraphil.org/adopt-me or visit your nearest animal shelter.


Photo credits:  Artu Nepomuceno, Chester’s furdaddy, blog.thesmstore.com, and Stephanie Lim, CARA volunteer

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