LOOK: Ramen Resto Afraid to be in ‘Hot Water’, Boils ‘Evil’ Secret Plan with Comrades


There is a new ramen shop that opened in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and ramen shops that have been there for some time now are fearing this new competition.

What do you do when you don’t want to be in trouble of losing business?

You forge allegiance with your comrades and wage war against the competitor.

Of course, we’re just kidding.

It’s all just witty banter but check out this cute convo between ramen shops in BGC.

Ramen war (1) Ramen war (2)

So Ippudo PH, the newcomer in BGC, just set up shop in Uptown Place Mall. Wrong Ramen has been in Burgos Circle for quite some time now while Ramen Nagi PH in SM Aura. They called help from Ikkoryu Fukuoka PH and Ramen Bar PH, which are said to be in Mckinley Hill. But I think Ramen Bar PH has already closed shop. Can anyone verify?

I wonder why they didn’t ask help from Ukkokei Ramen Ron…

The plot, like the broth, thickens. 🙂