LOOK: Protesters Clean Up Early in the Morning After Mobilization

Like any other event, leaving heaps of trash is inevitable after the event. The mess may annoy some people but what these young protesters did after the mobilization will warm your hearts even more.

Last June 12, thousands of Hong Kong nationals took to the streets to protest against the controversial extradition bill. The bill, if passed into law, would allow China to extradite fugitives from Hong Kong.

The protest started as a peaceful one but after a while, it turned into violence. Tear gas was used, bullets were fired, and fistfights erupted. As expected, it left the city trashed and filled with garbage. But the city didn’t stay dirty that long. During the early morning of Thursday, many of the protesters were seen tidying up the streets. Various photos and videos of people picking up trash circulated online.

hong kong protest trash

Some people expressed their appreciation, comparing the gesture to the Umbrella Movement back in 2014. The Umbrella Movement was dubbed as the “politest protest” due to the fact that protesters cleaned up after the event and left notes to apologize for the traffic caused.

We stan people who care for the environment!

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