LOOK: Proof That Ash Ketchum is Actually Incredibly Strong

10-year-old Ash Ketchum is such an underrated character. As a kid, I remember that he wasn’t my favorite Pokemon trainer because I felt like there were so many other (better) Pokemon trainers in the show. What I failed to realize back then, and which the Internet has recently showed me, is that Ash was actually incredibly strong, especially for someone his age.

Here are several photos posted by @rifusuto on Twitter showcasing just how strong Ash really is:

Ash Ketchum Larvitar Pokemon

Larvitar weighs 72kg – that’s 158lbs. – how is this possible?

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Pignite

Pignite weighs 55.5kg – that’s 122lbs! – and Ash is lifting it up like it’s a baby!

Most importantly, Ash is constantly seen carrying Pikachu around on his shoulder, and sometimes Pikachu even rests on his head! How is that possible, though, if Pikachu weighs 6kg or 13.2lbs?

Ash Ketchum Pikachu Pokemon

Ash Ketchum is amazing and is now part of my fitness goals! :p

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The weight of each Pokemon can be found on Bulbapedia, by the way, just in case you’d like to check out how much the rest of the Pokemon weigh. 🙂

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