LOOK: Prada intends to use only bags made from recycled ocean plastic by 2021

Prada introduces a new line of bags made from recycled ocean plastic. The material which has been given the title ‘Re-Nylon’ is highlighted in the new collection as the brand intends to phase out virgin nylon by 2021 so they may recycle the 700,000 meters of nylon they use annually.

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There is news that a Sportswear Giant has vowed to use only recycled plastic by 2024. And now it seems that even luxury brands are converting to prioritize sustainability to their products.

Italian luxury fashion house, Prada has introduced its new collection of bags, specifically, nylon bags that were made with recycled ocean plastic, fishing nets, and textile fiber waste.

As sustainability is quite a hot topic amongst many brands due to the increase of climate change issues being raised, some companies in the Philippine market have presented their own eco-friendly bags such as these bags made out of plastic bottles and these trendy bags made from upcycled materials.

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There have also been a handful of eco-friendly and zero-waste brands raising awareness for plastic pollution in the Philippines where there’s even a growing community with its own pop-up market that promotes sustainability.

As there have been several countries worldwide which have been giving light to the importance of companies and communities being environmentally friendly, it is great to know that larger firms in the industry are now doing their part to combat waste.

According to DazedPrada has already shared its pledge on using only recycled nylon in their designs by 2021: “It’s the start of an era for us.”

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