LOOK: Pomeranian Guiding Blind Dog Make The Cutest Duo Ever

Looks like these two pups have found a true friend in another!

Known as the “Fluffy Duo” on Instagram, this pair has found at least 200,000 loving fans on Instagram because of their adorable bond!

Zen is a Pomeranian, who guides his best friend, an American Eskimo named Hoshi, who is blind. Bound together by a leash, Zen guides Hoshi wherever they go and have fun together!

Hoshi had two of his eyes surgically removed due to an eye disease.

According to the Good News, the two are hiking buddies and go on adventures together! The two are just inseparable — they’re together, even while cuddling on the bed!

According to their owner, Pauline Perez, it seems that Zen knows that Hoshi is blind.

That is pure friendship right there.

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