LOOK: PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies releases statement on data breach

The P.J. Lhuillier Group of Companies is composed of various companies from pawn brokering to local and international remittance and even to real estate. They recently announced that a data breach affecting 900,000 clients was discovered. This breach targeted their email server, resulting in details like birthdays, addresses and sources of income to become vulnerable.

An official statement on the data breach was released by the P.J. Lhuillier Group of Companies:

We recently discovered a data breach which affected our email server that is used for marketing purposes. Information of around 900,000 clients was affected. Some of these information included birthdays, addresses, and source of income.

Transaction details or information were not compromises. The company’s main servers remain safe and protected.

Upon discovery, we immediately coordinated with the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to investigate the matter, and already implemented safety measures to protect the personal data of our clients.

We also notified all affected clients and provided them guidance on how to further protect their personal information.

We are committed to ensuring the data privacy of our clients and adhere to strict security protocols in protecting our interests.

We will provide additional information regarding the incident as soon as it becomes available.

PJ Lhuillier Data Breach


The company has also sent emails to all of its clients informing them of the data breach.

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