LOOK: Piper Thibodeau Gives Pokemon New Looks

Piper Thobodeau of Cryptid Creations on Deviant Art is quite an artist.

I’ve seen a lot of ‘re-inventions’ of Pokemon since Pokemon Go came out in the country, but his versions are definitely my favourites. Check out his versions of different Pokemon here:

piper-thibodeau-pokemon-staryu-starmie piper-thibodeau-pokemon piper-thibodeau-pokemon-bulbasaur-ivysaur-venusaur piper-thibodeau-pokemon-squirtle-wartortle-blastoise piper-thibodeau-pokemon-caterpie-metapod-butterfree piper-thibodeau-pokemon-weedle-kakuna-beedrill piper-thibodeau-pokemon-rattata-raticate

See the rest of the album here.

Have you tried giving Pokemon new looks yourself? Share your art with us, so we can feature you, too! 🙂

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