LOOK: Piolo Pascual Breaks Silence About Involvement in SONA Shoot in Sagada

Piolo Pascual has finally broken his silence about the accusations and criticisms being hurled at him after he, Director Joyce Bernal, and their team was kept from shooting in the Sagada Province, reportedly in preparation for President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address.

In a statement, Piolo expressed grief over being “judged” by the Filipino people and assured everyone that his loyalties have always remained with his home network—which is currently being threatened of a shutdown.

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“With the recent controversy involving my friend Direk Joyce and myself, it saddened me to be judged without knowing the facts. I’m the type who just lets things pass and the truth to speak for itself but this time I’m forced to air my side for clarity,” he began. “My loyalty has been with ABS-CBN since I was born in this business.”

He went on to explain how his trip to accompany Director Joyce for the shoot wasn’t “about the President.”

“My trip to Sagada had nothing to do with the government. I haven’t met the President personally and I don’t do politics as some may know.

I was there with Direk Joyce and my friend Illac Diaz to help Direk Joyce get footage for her personal message/video before the start of the SONA, showing how the environment had changed positively because of the pandemic. This isn’t about the President,” he said.

“My association with Direk Joyce has got nothing to do with my political stand and as a citizen of this country. I love my country regardless of who the President is and I love my home network which is ABS-CBN,” he added.

He also went in detail how they had followed the safety protocols and guidelines, and respected the decisions of the those who turned them away despite initially getting approval to shoot.

At the end of his statement, he urged everyone to stop the cycle of hate and judgment amid bigger issues.

“Let’s encourage, build each other up, pray for each other and spread understanding, compassion, and most of all hope and love. Life is too short to be lived with anger and bitterness in our hearts,” he ended.

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Previously, his colleague and friend Alessandra De Rossi came to his defense on Twitter and claimed that Piolo was actually there for a “bigger project.”

“He has a bigger project. Not related to politics, but to show the beauty of the Philippines. Sayang. (Such a waste.) But time will come pag pwede na i-shoot yun. Nakakapagshooting na nga yung iba eh! Ito, bundok lang kukunan nya. (But time will come when they’ll be able to shoot it. The others have already started shooting, actually! Here, he was just going to film the mountains),” she said on Twitter.

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