LOOK: Pictures That Will Change Your Perspective in Life

Blame it on the “Manic Monday” blues but yeah, I’m pretty much scattered today. When I ‘m ambiguous with a lot of things, I get depressed. I need reality to kick in when I’m on the verge of giving up. Well, I know you feel it sometimes too, but these photos shared by Josh Bryde in Facebook, hit me right in the feels.

Just when I thought I was having a bad day, I forgot about our Filipino and Fil-American soldiers fighting for our country and trying to live for their respective families. Furthermore, there are less fortunate people who are also looking for some love and attention.

Here are the photos that will change your perspective in life, IMMEDIATELY:

1. Wearing combat boots for fashion and while others use it for work.

change perspective

2. When “being there for your best friend” means:change perspective

3. When we whine about comfortability.

street children

4. Some people don’t even want to remember the past.


5. When you think your life isn’t colorful anymore.

change perspective

Truly, it’s just a matter of changing our perspectives in life. Hopefully, you are too busy to think of giving up.

What photo hit you right in the feels? Share your answers below.

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