LOOK: Photo of EDSA in 1980s

Reddit user u/tuldok89 posted the following photo saying, “EDSA in 1980.”

From the photo, it appeared as if it was taken somewhere going towards Ayala.


Photo from: reddit

According to u/LecheKaFlan:

Vehicle ownership was limited in numbers, and the post-revolution mass immigration from provinces to Manila and the population explosion haven’t happened yet; MMTC buses were in blue and were often Hinos (some were air-conditioned and designated as the famed Love Buses), if not the imported Leyland double-deckers that the Marcoses used for mass transportation.

Along with this, the following photo comparison is attached:


Look at the traffic jam. It’s nowhere to be found. Oh, how can we wish it were like this today.

What do you think should be done?

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