LOOK: Photo of a Beautiful Girl Goes Viral

Social media is a diverse platform where you can find interesting information, personalities, and stories that would keep you entertained.

As such, circulating online are photos of a true Filipina beauty being shared by the Netizens, including the Facebook page, Random Photos.

However, today, the universe is upon us as we have already stumbled upon good-looking men and women online. After introducing the JeepneyMan and the Needleman earlier, these photos went quickly viral because of her simple yet elegant beauty.

Beautiful lady internet

Photo credit: SDN/Random Photos Facebook page

If last week, the gorgeous Badjao girl caught our attention, this girl is definitely another star in the making.

beautiful entrance girl

Her smile has definitely captured the heart of the Netizens. Personally, I like her eyes and eyebrows!

beautiful entrance girl

In fact, one Netizen commented that she could be a toothpaste commercial model because of her complete, set of white teeth.

beautiful girl

In whatever angle, her beauty shines through.

Many netizens were comparing her beauty to the model-type Badjao girl, Rita Gaviola. But for me, both are pretty and have displayed the true Filipina beauty: morena with tantalizing eyes and full of charisma.

Tell us your thoughts about her beautiful face and smile on the comment section below.