LOOK: A Philippine Basketball Anime is in the Works!

Nikkei, a financial newspaper in Japan, just reported that a Japanese television network is working on a new anime called Barangay 143.

As the name suggests, the anime will be set here in the Philippines and the content is specially being tailored to cater to Philippine audiences.

The anime is being done in collaboration with Synergy88, an animation and game developer here in the Philippines, and it will apparently tell the story of basketball players in Manila high schools – definitely something we’ll be able to relate to, don’t you agree?

Photo from asia.nikkei.com

Photo from asia.nikkei.com

According to Nikkei, the anime will air in 2017 in Japan, though there is no word as to when or whether it will air here in the Philippines. Either way, I’ll definitely be looking out for it, though!