LOOK: These Personalised Necklaces Make for Perfect Gifts

I’ve always wanted to get personalised jewelry. They’re very special and are not just accessories that you wear on your neck, wrist, or finger. I’ve seen many necklaces worn by celebrities and always wondered where they got them or who their jeweler is.

Whether you want a necklace with your name or even a picture, Danica Alahera can customise your orders depending on your preferences.

They can engrave initials or make monograms in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Their products are laser marked, making the customisation of the products precise and up to the customer’s liking. I got this multi-necklace which has initials – a great statement piece that I use with a lot of my outfits, whether to the office or on a night out.

This charm necklace makes for a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. You can have the disc personalised with initials, quotes, or even photos; and they offer gold, silver, brass and stainless creations that are locally made in Bulacan.

Danica Alahera

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