LOOK: People Power Monument Has Been Vandalized with ‘Marcos Pa Rin!’

If you’re passing by the People Power Monument along EDSA, you’re in for a shock.

On Tuesday afternoon, a picture of the monument with the words “MARCOS PA RIN!” painted on the base have made its rounds on social media.

VandalisimPhoto Credits to : JR Santiago/ FB

According to reports, the vandalism was likely done late Monday or early Tuesday. The Vandals have not been identified yet.

The monument — located along EDSA’s northbound lane– was created in 1993 as a symbol of the People Power Revolution of 1986.

The picture has caused quite a stir on social media, leaving netizens speculating if Marcos loyalists really did the vandalism or not.

Who do you think defaced the monument and what are their motives for doing so?


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