LOOK: People Correct a Viral Anti-Rape Poster to What It Should Look Like

Earlier this week, an anti-rape poster circulated on the Internet entitled ‘Paalala Upang Makaiwas sa Rape’ or, in English, ‘Reminders to Avoid Rape’. The so-called “reminders” included not meeting up with people you are texting or chatting with, especially if they are strangers; not wearing short clothes; not walking alone in dark places; not leaving drinks unattended when on a date; and not freaking out when it happens, but to think of ways to escape. It also added to learn self-defense, bring teargas or pepper spray, shout for help, and ask the police for help.

Since then, various netizens have posted their own versions of what an anti-rape poster should look like. Here are some of them:

If you think about it, Paula Caceres has a point: just don’t rape anyone. It’s as basic as that. However, Lin Gravodeir has a point, as well. After all, we’ve seen time and time again that rapists still rape people, even if they know that it’s wrong. Therefore, she expounds on this thought a little more:


Senator Risa Hontiveros also expressed her feelings by speaking out while releasing her own version of an anti-rape poster. In the caption, she talks about how the original poster was an insult to many victims of sexual violenece, and sends a wrong signal that women are raped because of their actions or preferences.

As she puts it, “Clothes don’t cause rape, rapists do.” Instead of telling women how to dress, the public should instead be educated on what is right and what is wrong. She adds that her office is willing to extend any help in training the police personnel to produce gender-sensitive information materials and implement programs to help educate the public on how to recognize and prevent rape and other forms of sexual violence against women.

What do you think is the best way to educate people about this?

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