LOOK: Overweight policemen asked to undergo ‘belly destruction’ boot camp

Thailand is taking a stand regarding obesity among its police force.

According to Khaosod English, overweight policemen in the whole country will periodically be sent to the Central Police Training Center in the central city of Pak Chong for two weeks. They will be required to undergo an intense diet and exercise program called “Belly Destruction” boot camp that aims to slim down the country’s police force.

“There are so many problems if you’re a fat cop. You work slow and move slow as you go tumbling about. That’s unacceptable if you’re an officer tasked with arresting criminals, since you have to be deft and go quickly,” said Senior Sgt. Maj. Sornpetch Chantarak, a dietary enforcer in the new program.

In March, approximately 200 policemen participated in the boot camp. Sornpetch said some cops weighing 80 kilograms got down to 60 and those who are weighing in at 200 shed about 60 kilos or more.

You can check out photos of the boot camp in the Facebook post below.

belly destruction boot camp 1 belly destruction boot camp 2 belly destruction boot camp 3

Photos from: Love Police Facebook Page

Police stations in the country are asked to nominate two to three of their biggest cops to join in the boot camp.

Sornpetch said most of the thickest policemen are typically tasked to do paperwork.

“Mostly they’re in charge of filing records. They also don’t exercise, or eat too rich and too much,” he said.

Sornpetch said participating policemen have to exercise every day in the camp and join activities such as biking and working out while following a diet of protein-heavy foods. ID cards are given to them where they record their weights before and after.

Sornpetch is happy that the Facebook post went viral and is looking forward to the next batch of cops that will undergo the “Belly Destruction” boot camp.

Should this be done in the Philippines as well? What do you think?