LOOK: Organic Farm Owned By Senator Kiko Pangilinan And Wife Sharon Cuneta

With how hard life is, people tend to work harder and sacrifice the most important thing in life: our health. We usually value our health when we get sick. Fortunately, there are people like Senator Kiko Pangilinan, who invested into holistic wellness through operating his own organic farm.

Source: Benjie Davis

Source: Benji Davis

Davis shared on his Facebook account his happiness when he visited the Senator’s farm. He narrated on his post that it was an honor to visit Pangilinan and his wife’s organic farm.

organic farm

Makes me want to visit the farm! Look at those tomatoes and lettuce!

Benji shared 9 amazing photos of the food he ate at the farm. The food was amazingly fresh, healthy, and rejuvenating. Benji also shared that the Senator is a certified farmer. When he took a year off politics, he used the time to learn more about farming.

Here’s what he said in his post:

Yes, an Organic farm owned and operated by Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta They are growing some of the best produce I’ve had here in the Philippines.Kiko took a year off of politics to practice farming, assistant to President for food security and agriculture and is a totally garden lover like me (actually he’s a legit farmer) so he knows his stuff. Honored to be able to have eaten their bounty and hear wisdom around the importance of wholistic agriculture. Food below has ingredients harvested from their farm.

You may view all the photos on his Facebook page.

I am sure the place is splendid. More and more people are leaning towards the holistic approach, and I am one of them.

Let’s visit the farm soon, shall we?