LOOK: One of the Most Unfortunate Jeepney Rides Ever

We love our jeepneys. I mean, that should be evident by our logo. :p

Commuting on jeepneys, however, isn’t always a pleasant experience. We’ve all heard the horror stories – of manyaks, of stolen phones, of arguments gone wrong, and even of knife attacks. This is probably due to the fact that people aren’t necessarily very vocal about pleasant commuting experiences online.

Well, Sam YG has changed that by sharing this hilarious photo on Instagram about two guys on a crowded jeep… and one guy’s face being in a very unpleasant position. Check it out:


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Traffic nga naman..bumper to bumper na, tutok na tutok pa??‍♂️ #KapitLangKapatid #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

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We definitely wouldn’t want to be either one of these guys, that’s for sure! Got any funny commuting stories of your own to share?

Tell us about it!