LOOK: Old Man Spotted In The Streets Creates Amazing Artworks Inside Empty Glass Bottles!

There are many talents that have been hidden by time and space. The beauty of social media nowadays is that we can discover these artists and appreciate them no matter how old they are or where they create their masterpieces.

Facebook user Marjun Elarco shares his encounter with an old man he met in the streets of Davao City. In the post, he shares that he was drawn by the groups of people that had gathered around a spot by the sidewalk. When he checked, he saw this old man who was expertly creating miniature models of houses inside glass bottles.

Check out the video and photos below:

Marjun shares how amazed he was with the man’s craftsmanship, especially with the details of his art. Plus, he only sells each piece for 80 pesos!

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He hopes that through these photos and video that he posted on social media, the old man will be given the recognition and appreciation that an artist like him deserves.

As of this writing, we are still hoping to get information as to who this man is and what his background is. If you have any information about this amazing artist, share it with us! Maybe we can all help him out, too!

What do you think of his artworks? Comment down below!