LOOK: Oarfish Gets Washed Out on Shore of Saranggani

A dead oarfish gets washed out on the shore of Kiamba in Saranggani Province.

oarfish saranggani 2

The oarfish has a size of 14 feet in length.

The Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) has tested the dead oarfish.

This story was shared on Facebook by TV Patrol Socksargen.

oarfish saranggani 1

Oarfish, natagpuang patay sa baybayin ng Kiamba, Sarangani Province. May haba itong labing-apat na talampakan. Sinusuri na ng Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office o MENRO ang patay na Oarfish.

Oarfish are deep sea creatures and it is rare to see one gets washed out on the shore.

Many believe that when this happens, it means an impending earthquake is about to come. However, there is no scientific proof or basis to this yet.

***Photos are from TV Patrol Socksargen Facebook page

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