LOOK: Nurse’s #HUGOT Post Goes Viral!

It seems that Pinoys will never run out of hugot, the reason being that we are such a sentimental bunch!!

We seem to find hugot in everything, from spoken word poetry, to pastillas and other kinds of recipes, and even to case digests!

Now, another #HUGOT post is going viral, this time from a perspective of a nurse!!

Of course, is it any wonder why it is so relatable? The Philippines, after all, has so many Filipino nurses both here in the country and abroad!

Apparently, nurses are not only good in taking care of their patients, but in taking care of your heart as well… even when you break their hearts. Awwww!

The post was apparently written by Trixa Lei, and has since spread like wildfire on social media.

Look at the viral post below:

hugot nurse

What do you think of this? Tag a nurse or anyone who can relate!