LOOK: Now, You Can Help the Earth, Reduce Plastic Waste and Build Homes!

How do you build homes and reduce plastic waste? The Plastic Solution is a quick and easy way to gather all your pesky single use plastics and create a sustainable fix that everyone can do in their own homes. And honestly, sometimes you can’t help but use plastic no matter how eco-friendly you try to be.


Using empty plastic bottles, take all the single-use plastic bags (and straws even) you have at home or in your office and stuff them inside. Once the bottles are filled with compressed plastics up to the brim, you’ve made your first eco-brick.


Eco-bricks are sustainable solutions for housing and can replace hollow blocks as bases for walls. They are practically free and are just as strong, while reducing plastic waste.


You may donate your eco-bricks to the following hostels: all Circle Hostel branches, Z Hostel and Lokal Hostel.

Would you give this a try? Let us know!


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