LOOK: Nico Bolzico Posts Photo Of His Bloodied Nose And We Were Shocked

If there’s a royal couple in our country, the title would probably go to celebrities Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico.

This couple is pretty much known for their hilarious antics toward each other–aside from being gorgeous beings, of course. (I mean, seriously, how could they both be so pretty?!)

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They’ve captured the hearts of Filipinos with their cute and funny moments together that are displayed on social media for all the world to see.

Nico actually shocked his loyal followers when he posted a photo of himself with a bloody nose on Instagram:


Nope, he didn’t get into a fight, nor did he get an actual nosebleed. He was just making fun of his on-going Filipino lessons!

Ikapitong leksyon kasama ang guro @ramliv2014 nosebleed pa rin!

He said that even after having his seventh lesson with his teacher, he’s still getting nosebleeds with our language! LOL.

Being an Argentine in the Philippines, he knew he’d have to learn the language–especially since his wife is a half-Filipina.

Tbh, with that photo caption in Tagalog, I think he’s doing pretty well. Good luck on your studies, Nico!

What do you think of Nico’s efforts to learn Filipino? Share it with us below!