LOOK: Nico Bolzico and Friends After-Workout Photo Is #LifeGoals

On a diet? Maybe you can have a cheat day with some pandesal. LOL.

Solenn’s husband, Nico Bolzico, just posted an after-workout photo with his friends. Apparently, they just finished doing some Crossfit. Also, it looks like a welcome celebration to their friend and now-buff Raymond Gutierrez.

“It’s raining men. Alleluia,” as one comment said.

Nico captioned it with:

All smiles after working out with these Crossfiters (Crossfit is not a sport by the way!) … but all those are fake smiles, the amount of sweat being transferred from [our] armpits to [our] shoulders is nothing to smile about! Welcome @mond to the pretenders group! #sweatinglikethereisnotomorrow #monding

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