LOOK: Netizen Shares Photo of an Alleged Littering During the Holy Week

Holy Week is probably the most anticipated week for everyone. This is a special occasion where we can meditate and fill our spiritual souls by attending Holy Week activities such as Stations of the Cross and/or Visita Iglesia (or 7 churches visitation).

Ideally, others find their sanity by reflecting and rekindling special moments with their family and friends by going to places like beaches, mountains, and other tourist spots.

Unfortunately, there are some people who really don’t care about mother nature.

In fact, you be the judge of this photo taken by Tan Smith and shared by Philippine Shocking History on their Facebook page:

After Holy Week Photos

As seen on their page, the photo was posted last March 25 along with the caption:

Tn@!++÷/ in+$@: ng mga to! Ganyan karamihan sa mga pilipino!! Tas pagsasabihan kayo! kau pa Galit!
Credit tan Smith

Regrettably, most Filipinos are insensitive to their surroundings. One netizen commented that even if we put a lot of trash bins in the area, it won’t really matter. Because you really don’t learn manners at school.

It really takes someone to make a difference but it must start with us.

Discipline is the key.

What would you do if you saw people littering? Join the discussion below or on our Facebook page!

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