LOOK: Netizen Shares Motivational Images to Show Love and Support

I love Davao City. The city is close to my heart as most of my family members are there. That’s why when I heard about the alleged bomb explosion at Roxas Night Market in Davao City, I was appalled and worried at the same time.

As confirmed by ABS-CBN, the death toll continues to rise to 14 fatalities and more than 60 people were injured. But the Netizens and Dabawenyos aren’t worried nor scared of the recent act of terrorism.

Here are some of the motivational images Netizens have shared online to show their utmost respect, unconditional love and support to fellow Dabawenyos.

Davao bomb incident

The Davaoenyo’s Facebook page posted this image on their wall with the caption:

We’re not giving in to fear. You will not win this fight. #OneDavao

Another one from the page is an image of an Eagle to demonstrate freedom and strength for the people of Davao.

Davao bomb explosion

With the heartwarming caption:

When you try to hunt down Eagles, what do they do? They fly even HIGHER.

Today, they want you to be afraid. They want you to feel unsafe. Fear will not rule in our hearts today. You will not win. #OneDavao

Facebook.com/Mindavote page also shared their motivational images to support the Dabawenyos.

davao bomb incident

Photo credit: Facebook.com/Mindavote

davao bomb incident

Katolikong Pinoy Facebook page also shared their motivational image:

davao bomb

Photo credit: Katolikong Pinoy

What happened in Roxas Night Market is not a crime. It was an act of terrorism. No city is safe from that- not Paris, not Syria, not even New York. No country, 1st world to 3rd world is safe from terrorism because it is difficult to detect. That is why we need to be vigilant.

davao bomb

Credit: Macky Pamintuan

We are one country, after all. #FilipinosUnite #StayStrongDAVAO #PrayforDavao #BeVigilant #WhereisTheLove

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