LOOK: Netizen Finds Snake With Legs

LOOK Is This a Snake With Legs


We’ve all heard of dragons, yetis, the Loch Ness Monster, and hippogriffs, but have you heard of a snake with legs?

One netizen managed to find one and snap two pictures for Facebook. Karen Barrozo Bello found the strange creature in Pangasinan. Since posting, the post has gotten 905 shares.

While today’s snakes are legless, fossils have proven that they once had legs. David Martill from the University of Portsmouth called them Tetrapodophis, or four-legged snakes. One theory said that snakes were descended from burrowing lizards, which lost its legs to better dig underground.

We’re not sure if the two-legged snake in the above photo is what’s in between today’s snakes and history’s four-legged snakes.


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