LOOK: Netizen Captured This Funny Yet Disturbing Political Ad Along Sta.Rita Exit (NLEX)

Marketing has evolved through the years. It has emerged from traditional to digital, which is timely in this web-centric world. Be it online or on paper –  companies, brands, and even influential personalities opt for advertising to further promote them.

Speaking of “influential personalities, apparently, politicians spend a lot of money for their campaign ads.

Jejomar Binay

According to an article published by Philippine Star online, Binay was apparently the top spender for political TV ads.

Fundamentally, advertising materials are relatively pricey. Therefore, you must utilize it in the most strategic way for greater mileage.

Best political ad ever

Photo courtesy of Sanriel Chris Ajero

However, this alleged political billboard ad that the netizen spotted along Sta. Rita Exit in NLEX received otherwise: it is being noticed in a bad way.

He sarcastically described it as the “best political ad of the year.”

best political ad

On a quick chat with the photo owner, Sanriel, he shared that is a “huge billboard that you wouldn’t miss! He added, “It’s just the right after you take the Sta. Rita exit of NLEx.” 

What do you think?

Netizens React

Honestly, seeing these materials online aren’t surprising anymore. However, if it deals with copyright infringement or the material used is disturbing, netizens are quick to react. In fact, the post received mixed emotions as it is “impossible” to get a Hollywood A-lister to endorse a politician! In this case, they allegedly used Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movie and taglines.

While some loved it, others found it too funny not to share.

How about you, do you think this is funny or too much for a political ad? Share your thoughts below.


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