LOOK: ‘Naruto’ Fans Will Love this Pair of Sakura-inspired Sneakers

Naruto fans, it’s your time to rejoice! If at one point in your life, you joined one of those Naruto Run events, I’m pretty sure you’ll be amazed by these new anime sneakers.

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In an Instagram post by user @solebyjc, fans were teased with a Sakura-inspired pair of low tops. The upper part of the shoe comes in a red and light pink color combination that will remind you of the character Sakura. On the outside, they decided to be subtle when it comes to Naruto branding by only putting a “T.7” print on the lateral patch. If you look closely, the aglets on the lace also don a few Japanese characters. Inside the shoe, the insoles come in violet along with a graphic of Sakura on one side.

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Like many other collaborations, the Naruto collection is expected to have a few more character-inspired sneakers in the lineup. We have yet to receive news about its price and release date so keep your eyes open for updates!

What do you think about the Sakura-inspired sneakers? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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