LOOK: Naruto Characters Mashed Up With Pinoy Celebrities Will Make You LOL

Naruto is probably one of the most famous animes, especially today in the times of social media. It wasn’t long ago when the anime character trended around the internet after the appearances of events such as “Run Like Naruto.”

It seems that we Pinoys just can’t get enough of him. Just recently, a post by Facebook page 90s AniMemes about Naruto went viral on social media.

It was a whole album of Naruto characters mashed up with Pinoy celebrities. And it is absolutely punny.

Check out some of them below. You might even spot some of your faves:

“Gaara V”

“Jiraiya Ramsey”

“Kakuzu Mo, Jessica Soho”

“Choji Sta. Maria”

“Hidaniel Padilla”

“Pain Medina”


“Kurenai Sanchez”

I’d say that these were all spot on! It’s no surprise that it trended all around social media because it definitely earned a laugh out of me.

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This just proves yet again how creative and funny Filipinos truly are.

You can check out the complete album here.

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