LOOK: MRT to Get 48 More Light Rail Vehicles

LOOK MRT to Get 48 More Light Rail Vehicles

Many consider hell to be riding the MRT, the train line that traverses the whole of EDSA. After all, it is the busiest rapid transit line in Metro Manila, serving over 600,000 passengers each day. So when you consider that number along with the frequency of delays and malfunctions, you’d understand why so many people are ranting about it on social media.

But that may soon change as the Department of Transportation and Communication has ordered 48 light rail vehicles for the MRT. They will be delivered by batches: two in February, and four per month until 2017.

They will be assembled and tested this month. If all goes well, one new train will run by the end of the year’s first quarter.

Once all 48 trains are operational, the MRT will be able to boost its capacity to up to 800,00 passengers daily.

What else should be done to improve the country’s public transportation system?

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