LOOK: This Motorcycle Driver Taped an Apology Note on His Back for Being Sick

How many times have you come across a slow-moving car, PUV, or motorcycle driver on the streets? More often than not, probably. And you probably swore or at the very least let out a sigh of exasperation every time you did. How many times have you actually stopped to wonder if that person driving the vehicle may be going through something?

28-year-old Aizel Manuel recently came across a motorcycle driver in Matandang Balara, Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City one night at around 8pm who had a note taped onto his back, apologizing to people who might be behind him and explaining that he has the flu and that they should just overtake him. Check out the photo here:

Motorcycle Driver

Aizel admits that she felt sorry for the guy because it’s not easy to drive with a fever. She says, “Some people were probably getting mad at him for driving really slowly; but when you see the note at the back of the rider, you will realize that he had a reason.” She adds, “The lesson is: don’t judge your co-motorist. Just understand and have patience in every situation.”

See Aizel’s original post on Facebook here: