LOOK: MMDA Launches “May Huli Ba” Website (And It’s Full of #Hugot Lines, Too!)

After implementing the agency’s  No Contact Apprehension last April 15, 2016, MMDA has launched “May Huli Ba” website, where motorists can check if they have committed a traffic violation.

MMDA May Huli ba website

Screenshot from their website (https://www.mayhuliba.com/)

Essentially, it means that motorists who violate traffic rules will no longer be flagged down and confronted by MMDA constables. Additionally, licenses will no longer be confiscated on the spot.

Therefore, they created a website for motorists to check if they have already violated after implementing it last April 15.

So, how do you use the site? Super simple and it’s funny, too! As we all know, MMDA could be cheeky sometimes!

How to Use “May Huli Ba” website?

To check if you incur a traffic violation, simply type in your license plate number and if you will see the result in just seconds.

MMDA May Huli Ba

Source: MMDA

If you have violated, the result will contain the following details:

  • specific violation
  • time and place where it was committed
  • and an official notice from MMDA

Look at the example below:

MMDA Huli ba


Source: MMDA

Now, if you didn’t commit any traffic violation, the website will generate #hugot lines!

MMDA May Huli Ka Ba

Source: MMDA

Here’s another one!

MMDA huli ka ba

Admittedly, I tried it and this is what I got:

MMDA may huli ba

MMDA, how did you know?!!

Nevertheless, this is a great initiative and hopefully, it will help improve the system.

So, have you tried using the site yet? Did you get a hugot line as a result? If yes, share it below! 🙂