LOOK: Miss Canada Surprises Fan Before Leaving the Philippines

It has already been a month since Miss Universe happened in the Philippines, but its impact still lives on. True blue fans still speak highly of the event and its participants; and one particular fan, Karen Madrigal, is currently gushing about a recent experience she has had with one of the most talked about participants this year: Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell. She says this is an unbelievable blessing and something she will definitely cherish forever.

Karen shares that she is a big fan of Miss Canada because of her admirable personality and advocacies. So, when she found out that Siera was leaving the Philippines today, she decided to surprise her with some of the artworks that she had made.

Miss Canada Surprise 2

What happened instead, though, was something that Karen definitely wasn’t expecting: Siera surprised her instead with a gorgeous bouquet and earrings!

Miss Canada Surprise 1

Karen shares that she went through a lot to finally meet her to celebrate body diversity and confidence.”She is such an inspiration,” says Karen. “I can’t believe a Miss Universe participant surprised me with a bouquet! This event will forever be treasured.”

She adds, “Miss Canada taught me to love and believe in myself despite all the negativity. She inspired me to become confident as beauty is not something dictated by the world, but a precious gift that nobody can ever take away.”

Miss Canada Surprise 4

Karen says, “I really think this is a story worth sharing because Miss Canada has an amazing heart and she’s also leaving the Philippines today.” Do you have any memorable experiences with any of the Miss Universe candidates? Would love to hear them! 🙂