LOOK: Mikey Bustos Gets Personalized Drawing from ‘The Simpsons’ Creator

Singer-comedian Mikey Bustos couldn’t help but share his excitement with friends and followers online when he received a personalized drawing from the creator of the iconic animated sitcom, “The Simpsons”!

On Instagram, Mikey was all smiles as he held up the framed illustration that depicted Homer Simpson covered in fire ants as a tribute to Mikey’s hobby of antkeeping.

“Pardon me while I fanboy to the highest level! “THE” Matt Groening, American cartoonist & creator of @TheSimpsons, just sent me this personalized drawing of Homer covered in fire ants. I’m screaming! For me, the legendary Matt Groening is a modern day Picasso!” Mikey wrote in the caption of his post.

He then revealed that the creator had actually reached out to him the year prior because his son was an “avid fan” of the AntsCanada YouTube channel, which is Mikey’s second vlogging channel dedicated to his hobby.

“I was completely blown away by their son’s ant knowledge, passion for ant keeping, and pet ant colonies housed in our @antscanada ant farms. We now schedule spirited ant chats on Zoom every now and then and it inspires me as a video creator,” he shared.

“I literally grew up watching The Simpsons, so meeting the Groenings via Matt’s son watching @antscanada is a full circle moment for me! I will treasure this artwork forever!” he added. “PS – Matt Groening’s handwriting (3rd photo) is the actual font for the show! So cool right?!”

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