LOOK: Michelin-starred Hawker Chan Offers Meals for as Low as P128!

Words by Bernice Danielle Castillo
Photos by Diane Nicole Go

Have you ever wanted to taste food from a Michelin-starred restaurant but always thought that it would be too expensive? Well, the truth is, that’s not always the case.

Singaporean fast food and Michelin-star holder Hawker Chan is here to answer your prayers. Most of their dishes are below P200, meaning dining there won’t give your wallet a dent. Its newest branch is now open in SM North Edsa, offering plenty of scrumptious dishes that will make your tastebuds sing in joy. Here are some of our favorites.

Thai Style Tofu – P160

Hawker’s Thai Style Tofu is sweet, sour, and crunchy with all the apple and onion garnishes. The tofu is crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside. This was a true winner.

Seasoned Vegetable – P99

If you’re looking for something green on your table, Hawker Chan’s got your needs. Their seasoned vegetable dish hits you with that subtle umami. Make no mistake, though! The main star of this dish is the freshness and crunchiness of the vegetable. Top it with heaps of garlic bits and you’ve got yourself a delightful appetizer!

Any Three-Combination Platter – P270

In Hawker Chan, you can choose from a variety of meat dishes—soya chicken, char siew, roasted pork, and pork rib. I can personally guarantee that all of these taste incredibly good! Not too oily, fatty, salty, or sweet, Hawker Chan’s specialty meats will leave you craving more. The soya chicken is oh-so-succulent and juicy that the flavor just soaks up your mouth. What sets it apart from other soya chicken dishes is its unique mild flavor that cleanses your palate of the other roasted meats.

Half Chicken – P299

Speaking of other roasted meats, their Pork Rib is also quite the superstar, packing an explosive flavor. It’s a bit tough, though, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll have to try it out to see what I mean.

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Roasted Pork, Pork Rib – P128 + P70 + P95

The char siew is soft and delectable—a dish I can just keep eating and never tire of. Its sweet, savory, and smoky flavor is different from the soy chicken’s mellowness and the pork rib’s tenacity. Lastly, we have the roasted pork—my favorite! It might look plain, but boy, the crunch it packs is insanely real! Usually, roasted pork dishes are too greasy for me, so I don’t eat more than two or three pieces. This one, however, is just right that I actually ate two plates worth…

Char Siew Noodle, Roasted Pork – P178 + P70

If you’re not feeling like having some rice, they also offer Cantonese noodles! I was surprised to find out that I liked this better than the rice. This is a bit unusual since I’m a pretty huge rice person. The noodles are smooth, firm, and bathed lightly in a thin delicious sauce.

Hawker Chan opened its doors to the public on December 3rd at SM North Edsa, with a wicked surprise. They awarded their first 10 customers on both December 3 and 4 with a year’s supply of soya sauce chicken rice!

What are you waiting for? Head to Hawker Chan at SM North Edsa now for your own taste of Michelin-starred goodness.

Hawker Chan

SM North Edsa, Ground Floor
Facebook: Hawker Chan Philippines


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