LOOK: Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, Donny Pangilinan, and Ejay Falcon are Featured in iWant’s “Alamat ng Ano”

ABS-CBN’s new streaming service iWant taps into Filipinos’ knack for humor and love for telling and retelling stories in its anthology series “Alamat ng Ano,” which makes fun of ordinary things by humorously exploring and formulating their origin with each episode.

The 10-episode series, which is now streaming on the new iWant, features an ensemble of Kapamilya stars and will not only entertain viewers and provide them with a breather from the monotony of everyday life, but will also make them guess what “alamat” or myth each episode is about.

Alamat ng Ano

Watch out for the hilarious face-off between two rival actresses played by stars and real life BFFs Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin as they fight each other to become the leading lady of a foreign leading man in “Nura and Velma.”

Alamat ng Ano Nura and Velma 1

Fans of DonKiss, meanwhile, will also see the other half of the loveteam as Donny Pangilinan leads the episode “F3” and portrays the leader of four rich and arrogant boys who will get a taste of their own medicine when they antagonize Chunchai (Kira Balinger).

Alamat ng Ano F3

Melai Cantiveros headlines “Waka Waka Ee Tribe,” which tells the story of a young, bald boy who is an outcast in their tribe of long-haired people. Dominic Ochoa, meanwhile, becomes addicted to cockfighting and is on the verge of losing his wife in “The Boxer.”

Alamat ng Ano Waka Waka Ee Tribe

An action-packed episode awaits iWant users in “The Getaway Driver,” where Ejay Falcon plays a former criminal who needs to go back to his old life in order to provide for his family, while Jake Cuenca must win a TV contest to prove that he is worthy of Donna Cariaga’s love in “My Handsome Boyfriend.”

Alamat ng Ano Getaway Driver

AC Bonifacio, meanwhile, will struggle to belong as an exchange student in her new school and joins a horror adventure to meet new friends in “Fempire,” while BoybandPH will go missing as a result of them trespassing a haunted house for their music video in “Bayawak Band.”

Alamat ng Ano Bayawak Band

Nico Antonio and Denise Joaquin will play husband and wife who become blessed with riches but must take care of their gold-skinned newborn child with no arms and legs in “The Golden Baby.” Ketchup Eusebio will also star in an amusing episode called “Parang Chinese,” where he gets the chance to learn Kung Fu and turns into a superhero of sorts who defends the weak.

Alamat ng Ano The Golden Baby

Showcasing their funny antics are Jobert Austria and Nonong Balinan who will play a talky barangay tanod and his sidekick narrating each episode.

The episodes are directed by JP Habac (“My Handsome Boyfriend” and “The Boxer”), Topel Lee (“Waka Waka Ee Tribe” and “Fempire”), Jon Red (“Parang Chinese” and “The Golden Baby”), Mark Meily (“Getaway Driver”), Lemuel Lorca (“Bayawak Band” and “Nura and Velma”), and Noel Teehankee (“F3”).

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