LOOK: Married Filipinas urged to declare if they entered SG with maiden name before


Filipino women who are now married and have entered Singapore before using their maiden names are urged to declare that they have entered the country under a different surname. Moreover, married Filipino women who use their husband’s surname are advised to always bring a copy of their marriage contract and their previous passport when entering Singapore.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore came out with this advisory and posted it on Facebook. This announcement is due to the reports of recent arrests made by Singapore’s Immigration Checkpoints involving the alleged misdeclaration of married Filipino women in their embarkation and disembarkation cards.

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To avoid this, the Philippine Embassy urged Filipino women travelers to check the YES box that corresponds to the question “Have you ever used a passport under a different name to enter Singapore?”

Below the said question, the traveler must provide her complete maiden name, the embassy said.

“In addition, married Filipino women who are now using their husband’s surnames are reminded to always bring a copy of their marriage contracts and their previous passports when traveling to Singapore,” the Embassy added in its advisory.

In the event of any arrest related to the maiden name issue, the Embassy urged Filipino travelers to immediately request Singaporean authorities for consular access.

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