LOOK: This Married Couple Met on Yahoo Messenger 10 Years Ago

There are a lot of love stories out there and when we hear about them, sometimes, they seem too good to be true. Such is the case when I heard Maverick and Karen Julao’s love story. Finding out about their love story started pretty simply: they commented on one of our Facebook post’s about Yahoo Messenger closing down, claiming that they had met on the messaging platform around 10 years ago. Finding true love on YM? Really? Naturally, I just had to hear the full story to that. And here it is.

Maverick, 27, and his wife Karen, 26, have been together for nine years… but it all started on this little thing you might remember called Yahoo Messenger.

It started around 2007 or 2008, but Maverick says he can’t remember who added who first. Back in those days, Facebook wasn’t around yet, and Yahoo Messenger and Friendster were the most famous social media outlets. That year, Maverick was living in Dubai with his family and he and Karen started chatting – mostly small talk – until the days passed and they got closer.

Eventually, Maverick came home to the Philippines to start college and they became an official couple through Yahoo Messenger without even having met each other yet. After a few months of chatting some more, they actually met and although Maverick admits that things were awkward at first, things eventually got better. “Our feelings and our love for each other grew stronger – not to mention hormones,” he laughs.

After that, thing became more consistent between the two. They started chatting more frequently and meeting up weekly. “Everything happened so fast after all of that,” Maverick admits. “Our feelings, love for each other and the hormones started flying out.” Soon thereafter, they had a very smart and lovely daughter named Meiven Kaela who is now seven years old. Today, they live in Dubai.

Who knew that it could be possible to find true love on YM? :p Got any unique love stories of your own to share? Share them with us!

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