LOOK: Map Shows Which Places in the Philippines Are the Brightest at Night

When it goes dark at night, have you ever wondered which places in our country stay lit up and which ones don’t? Thanks to map maker David Garcia, now we get to a see a beautiful representation of the Philippine archipelago during nighttime.

The map, which he calls ‘The Philippines At Night,’ shows which places in the Philippines are the brightest at night. You can check it below:

As you can see on the map above, the Metro Manila area looks the brightest. If you look closer, you might even see the lights of fishing fleets.

With a caption that says, “We are a nation of islands; of cities scattered and sprawling across islands; and of islands within our cities,” Garcia, who has been making maps for about nine years now, was able to show a unique take on maps through this new one he just created.

If you liked this one, go ahead and check out more of David Garcia’s work at mapmakerdavid.com.

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