LOOK: Manila Bay’s Trash After Bagyong Lawin

Bagyong Lawin did not have much of an impact in Metro Manila aside from the strong winds and light rains. On the night Lawin made its landfall, the waves of Manila Bay had been acting up a lot.

The result? Well, they weren’t very pretty.

These photos were uploaded by Marlon Azcueta on Facebook. It shows the devastating multitudes of trash lurking within the waters of Manila Bay which were washed up with the waves.

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Imagine the poor creatures living in these intoxicated waters. Imagine having their natural habitats polluted like that. It’s disturbing, because we might not see this most of the time, but it’s there. It’s definitely there and there’s more than enough proof of how much trash our seas carry.


The sad thing is, with a little discipline and following the rules, this can be prevented. It’s not really that hard to properly dispose of our wastes, but what have we come to?

Now, as the waves bring back the trash we have thrown into the sea, it’s like Mother Nature is reminding us of what we’ve done. She’s reminding us that things have a way of coming back to us.

Let’s be a little more mindful of the things we do, shall we? 


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